Kate Libby - a chat bot

Kate is a collaboration between members of the wh.iterabb.it organization over the span of decades. Chat bots has been a continued hobby and this latest itteration is available on slack as well as discord. The commands are just intended to bring information into slack, as well as entertain the channel lurkers.

Please use this bot responsibly and adhear to the Terms of Use.

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AI Responses

  • /ask {question} - Ask Kate a question

Entertainment and Reflection

  • /fortunecookie - Displays a random fortune / quote
  • /tarot - Displays a tarot reading

Finance Info

  • /stock-info {symbol} - Returns generic stock info for each symbol.
  • /c1 {symbol} - Daily chart from non-finviz
  • /c15m {symbol} - Finviz weekly Chart
  • /cd {symbol} - Finviz YTD Chart
  • /cc {symbol} - Finviz Daily Chart
  • /crypto {token} - Crypto Prices

Meterological and Travel Info

  • /mta - Use the train command followed by a MTA line, such as A
  • /w {zipcode} - get the weather by zipcode Example /w 10023
  • /moon - Displays current moon phase

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